Focus on developing your business while our specialists will take care of your accounting. We know that money, especially when it comes to a company, is not an easy matter. That's why we offer comprehensive accounting and tax services in the most simplified way possible. Especially for your convenience, we analyze the key financial and accounting processes that take place in your company and present them so that everyone can understand them! In other words, you will receive reports that you will have no problem interpreting (optional).

Tax and accounting services in Warsaw

One of the advantages of cooperating with our accounting office is that everything is solidly documented and described. This makes it much easier to understand all the processes taking place in the company, as well as to carry out tasks that someone has already started, but for some reason cannot continue with them. That's why we invite you to our accounting office - we deal with full accounting and taxes, so you can focus only on running your business!

1 Documented accounting processes

We are one of the very few on the market to describe, backup and document all the accounting processes carried out for the Client - others don't do business that way. If you have already used the services of another accounting office, you probably have encountered a situation in which an employee of this office quit his job and left behind a problem like "only he knew it", "it is unknown how this process was carried out". With us, such risk is reduced to a minimum, because we describe and we document all the processes and we provide a system of training and backup in the implementation of all processes.

2 Stationary and online, various communication channels

We are a stationary accounting office in Warsaw with additional online access, not only an ordinary online accounting services provider. Online access is provided as an option. If you prefer direct contact, a meeting in our office or in yours, this is of course also possible. However, we do most of the work remotely. Contact with us is possible on various levels: online, cloud, our office, on-site visits (call out services), drop-off, mail, phone, Slack, ...

3 Comprehensive accounting and tax services

We provide comprehensive accounting and tax services for your company. We offer a wide range of services including simplified or full accounting, conducted in accordance with national or international (IFRS) standards. We analyze the data received from you on an ongoing basis, which allows us to identify important accounting issues and tax risks and allows the use of appropriate solutions. We accompany our clients during statutory audit and tax inspections.

4 Integrated financial and accounting software, online included

We use an integrated financial and accounting system that works stationary and online and allows us to provide comprehensive services, including adjusting the chart of accounts to your needs, use of different currencies, automatic calculation of CIT and VAT, preparation of reports with financial data (such as balance sheet or profit and loss account), integrated service of HR and payroll modules and fixed assets.