Stationary accountancy office, offering online services:

24h access

and stationary access.
Online access is available 24 hours a day
and 7 days a week and it is optional.

How it works

You provide us with documents in their physical / paper or electronic form. After posting the documents, you have access to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever and wherever you want, when you are at home or on vacation. You also have access to additional statements and reports.

We guarantee confidentiality and data security.

You have online access
to your documents
You are not dependent
on the office opening hours
If you want,
let's meet also stationary

Be online if you want it.

Online access is provided if you want it. If you prefer direct contact, a meeting in our office or in yours, this is of course also possible - we are a stationary accounting office with additional online access, not only an ordinary online accounting services provider.

Convenient for you

You use online access whenever it suits you.

Online accounting

VAT, CIT, PIT, SAF-T, e-declarations, fixed assets, records and statements.

Easy to use

We will deal with the complexities of accounting, you have access to your data.

HR and payroll

Electronic personal files, integration with e-ZUS and the Ministry of Finance.

Compliance with regulations

Always in line with current accounting and tax regulations.

Sales management

Invoicing, stocks warehouse, reports and statements.


You will be informed about changes in your books, the amount of liabilities, etc.


Full data encryption, backup copies. Secure access, data confidentiality.

Online system

The system is available on the web, which simplifies the tasks related to recording and access to documentation of your company - including accounting documents, HR and payroll data, as well as analysis of the current and historical situation of the company.

Login and access

We log in to the system via a web browser (or a dedicated Windows application that facilitates access to the program), which lets you have access to the system from anywhere, from your office, home or on vacation.

Do you have any additional questions?

Contact us. Call us now and let's meet.