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    Financial, legal and tax advisory
    Stationary (Warsaw, PL) and online accounting office

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Finance for business and accounting office both stationary and online. Contact us.

Accounting Services

Accountancy Office

We are a team of certified accountants, experts and advisers located in Warsaw. We cooperate with certified auditors and law firms. We have working relationships with Polish and foreign enterprises of various sizes and industries. We are one of the very few on the market to describe, backup and document all the accounting processes carried out for the Client - others don't do business that way. Read more here.

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Financial Outsourcing

Under control, professional and quality services

Hire a part-time accounting or finance manager for your company. Together we can develop your business to make it even better. Get an overview of your company's finances with analyses, budgeting, forecasts and reports to improve and optimize your business processes. You receive from us an added value, knowledge and management tools that create the value of your company, and thus better conditions for running your business.

  • Outsourcing of financial management

    Reporting to the management board, budgeting and KPIs monitoring, financial management, controlling, financial and sales analyses, CF management, contact with your accountant, lawyer, bank, etc., coaching of your financial department and others.
  • Streamline your finance function

    Optimizing the use of your ERP system, optimizing financial and back-office processes. Preparation and implementation of reporting tools and procedures.
  • Time-limited financial management

    Illness, maternity, sick leave, long-term leave, etc.

Online Access

Online access as an option

Online access is provided if you want it. If you prefer direct contact, a meeting in our office or in yours, this is of course also possible - we are a stationary accounting office with additional online access, not only an ordinary online accounting services provider. Online access is an option. Read more here.

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About us

We invite you to get to know our office, thanks to which running your business will not keep you awake at night. We are a highly specialised company providing accounting, reporting and advisory services tailored to the individual needs of the client. As a stationary accounting office in Warsaw, we also offer the possibility of online services.

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With online access you can access all of your key data when it’s convenient for you. If you prefer direct contact, a meeting in our office or in yours, this is of course also possible. What makes us different to others:

  • your comfort, various types of contact forms,
  • technology and innovation,
  • IT & software tools for automation,
  • reporting and management accounting,
  • costs and processes optimization (applies to capital companies),
  • ongoing advisory,
  • extended service packages as an option,
  • specializations: services, trade, manufacturing.

Accounting Services

Capital company

Full accountancy and more.

We provide full accounting services (stationary and online) for any listed, limited liability or any other capital company. Additionally in option: accounting process automation, customer and product segmentation, optimization of margins, operating costs and processess, management by objectives (MBO), balanced scorecard (BSC), pricing management and more.

Small business/SME

What else can we do for you?

Full accounting (stationary and online) better and cheaper, without expensive internal financial and accounting departments. Additionally in option: management and financial accounting, tax advisory, lean management, project management, business-plans, ROI and more.


Competitive prices in the basic package.

In the version without extended service packages, we offer competitive prices for stationary services and we will support you in everyday questions and doubts, no strings attached. And you will focus on developing your business.

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Frequently asked questions

The main scope of services is consultancy in the field of civil and commercial law and tax consultancy for partnerships and capital companies. As part of ongoing tax consulting, we provide: solving tax problems, tax interpretation of economic events, analysis and preparation of contracts from the point of view of tax effects and taking into account the achievement of the intended tax effects. We also provide legal services in the field of debt collection.

Why choose our services?

The most important for us is the highest standard of services
and full customer satisfaction.

Finance, law and taxes

Financial, legal and tax advice

Substantive knowledge, experience, reliability, commitment and availability of a team of specialists to ensure the highest level of service in the field of legal, tax and financial services. We feel responsible for our clients' affairs. Every case we undertake is the same for us important as for our clients. We provide financial, legal and tax consulting services in the form of permanent and ad hoc cooperation.

Finance and reporting

Management accounting

Optionally, we will prepare and implement management reporting tools individually for your company and every month, as part of the services provided, we will present the current financial situation, indicate possible options, alert points, margins, financial efficiency. It applies to extended full accounting services with management accounting.

Are you still looking for an accounting office in Warsaw and a legal and tax advisor for your company? Contact us.